Supported Products - We work on desktop and laptop PCs with a Windows operating system. We can also work with your troublesome peripherals like backed up printers, Bluetooth devices not connecting, etc.

Our Warranty - All repairs performed by Technologic are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of repair completion. The warranty applies to repairs performed on a machine for a particular symptom. If several symptoms were repaired, then the warranty applies to all the symptoms repaired. If your machine develops a new symptom within 30 days of the repair, the new symptom will be treated as a new repair and normal rates will apply. No Problem Detected: Occasionally we may receive a machine for repair that we cannot find a problem with, or cannot duplicate the problem described. In this case our standard pro-rated hourly rate will apply. Defective Parts: In the event we use a brand new replacement part that turns out to be defective, we will handle it in accordance with the manufacturer’s parts warranty. If the part shows to be defective within 30 days of the completed repair, we will not charge you any labor rates for re-installation.

Data Backup - In the process of computer repairs it is possible that your data may be lost. Technologic shall not be held responsible for permanent loss of any data. In the event we do lose your data during a repair we will re-load it for you at no cost. (If the data was backed up by you instead of us, we will need the discs to be provided).

Ordered Parts - If parts or components are necessary to complete your computer repair or for a custom-built PC, we will qoute you the exact cost, a time estimate for shipping and another time estimate for the remaining repair. We cannot guarantee shipping times possible delays with UPS, FedEx or USPS. Most parts however will arrive within 2-3 business days of ordering.

You may give us a verbal approval to proceed. However, Technologic cannot incure the cost if you should change your mind and not wish to proceed with the repair, or if you wish to change the components already ordered. We will attempt to return the product(s) but will hold you responsible for all shipping fees. If the product cannot be returned due to the policy of the seller, you are responsible for the product costs.

For parts & shipping orders totaling less than $400, we will order on your behalf and you will be charged for the parts & labor costs on one transaction after the repair is complete. We must charge sales tax on all parts. For parts & shipping totaling more than $400, we may require up-front payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash and check. You are always welcome to order your own parts to avoid paying sales tax.

Turnaround Time - First come, first served. We make every effort to troubleshoot every machine within 24 hours. We will give a time estimate at the time you turn over your machine. However, due to periods of increased workload, it is possible it may take us longer to contact you with a diagnosis. If we experience delays you will be notified.

Location of Service - You may leave your PC at our drop-off location (1623 8th St. in Minden, across from Carson Valley Inn) and a $75/hr service rate applies. For your convenience we can also come to your home or office for the same rate. Mileage fees are not charged if the service location is within 25 miles of Technologic. After 25 miles, the fee is 25 cents per mile. We also offer a Pick-Up & Delivery Service for just $10 each way. (same mileage fees apply)

Confidentiality and Privacy - Here at Technologic we understand that all PC data personal or private is yours and yours only. Personal and financial information is confidential and will not be disclosed or discussed with anyone without permission or authorization from the PC owner. Care is also taken to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not see or have access to any data on your PC. Any data that is illegal or consitutes a misdemeanor or felony in the state of Nevada will be submitted to the authorities.

Questions? Email: or call 775.450.7570


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